Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic lashes Mikiwi Kit, 10 Pairs

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  • 【Product R & D background】: Magnet eyelashes are becoming more and more popular, but we find that there are many defects in them. Firstly, its magnetic force determines its firmness; secondly, the magnetic force will gradually weaken over time. If you don't use glue, it's not easy to store the eyelashes in the eyelash box. Finally, many other brands don't know the preferences of each customer, resulting in a single style of eyelashes.
  • 【MAGNETIC EYELASHES】: This product is the mikiwi third generation magnet eyelash suit. Compared with the previous products, it has stronger magnetic force. Its five powerful magnets and eye liner are used to make it stronger, and eyelashes can be easily attached and stayed. In addition, the eyelash of this magnet is easier to put on the magnet bar in the box, which makes it have stronger magnetic force every time it is used.
  • 【MAGNETIC EYELINER】: The third generation eyelash Eyeliner uses stronger magnetic material. It is more convenient to use. It can even be used as a regular eye liner. When you need to wear eyelashes, you can directly connect the magnet eyelashes to it without using glue. Of course, it is also waterproof and will not fade.
  • 【THREE PAIRS OF BEST-SELLING SYLES】: By investigating the opinions of tens of thousands of customers, we selected the most popular common eyelash styles for the production of this magnet eyelash. If you often use eyelashes, I'm sure these are the eyelash styles you are familiar with and like.
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  • Break the bank.... nah $25.00 USD is an amazing price!!!