Need help....Building Your Brand

Looking to start a lash line or your very own business?????

 We believe in networking. Everything I know I'm willing to share


I'm here to help....

Once you've developed your business plan and know what style of lashes,  lippies or items  you're leaning towards everything else is easy....
Question: do you drop ship?
A: yes, we allow drop ship orders - most of our products are unbranded meaning you can rebrand them as your own
Question: Can I buy in bulk?
A: Yes we can handle large orders
Question: Is there a MSQ
A: on most items no but please read the description carefully very few do

Important tips 
Please do everything legally and in order -- Make sure your business meets all require standards with your state , federal or countries laws 
-get your EIN if necessary 
-Open a Bank account for your business only
-Set up a website
-Purchase your domain 
we recommend Shopify or Big Cartel

Need help with logo design, branding or sticker logos

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