ZEESEA [Palace Identity] Peony Blush,Multi-purpose Makeup Tray, Caramel Nude Brown

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Brand: zeesea


  • 【Palace Identity】 is committed to providing people with the Royal grade cosmetic products of China's imperial court.
  • Practical and comprehensive three-color palette, which can be used as blush, eye shadow, highlighter, and can be used for layering and mixing. One palette can create vitality and transparent peach makeup: blush eye shadow color: apple red, caramel red brown, High gloss color: pearl white, natural brightening without obtrusiveness.
  • Active formula ingredient formula, adding a variety of moisturizing ingredients, the texture is silky and soft, the powder is natural, long-lasting and non-flying, like a natural good complexion from the bottom of the muscle.
  • Gilt lotus engraved mirror box: high-grade zinc-magnesium alloy material, full of weight in the hand, jewelry-level intricate craftsmanship, makeup is the focus of the audience, and a woolen brocade bag is included, which is easy to go with and not easy to scratch flower
  • Contains 7 precious gemstone powders, with transparent gloss, soft light without revealing pores, and maintenance functions such as calming and anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and nourishing, and improving skin elasticity.

Package Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.2 x 1.5 inches

This is exactly what you've been missing. ZEESEA [Palace Identity] Peony Blush,Multi-purpose Makeup Tray, Caramel Nude Brown is just right for you.