Heat Resistant Synthetic White Wig (Silver White)

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Brand: DAOTS

Color: Silver 

Vendor located in US - ships internationally for additional fee please message us before ordering if you are international 


  • Mid length curly silver white wig with bangs, very soft pretty looking perfect for cosplay costume
  • Length: about 14 inches Weight: about 0.55 lb. Please allow a little length and weight errors
  • The bangs can be cut to the length you like
  • Adjustable straps inside the wig for you to adjust the comfortable size
  • Breathable inner wig cap, more comfortable to wear . Full wig but not too heavy


How to wear a wig:

If you have long hair:

Before you wear the wig, please be sure it's tightly wrapped. A wig cap is suggested. Here are some suggestion:

Part your hair down the middle, creating two distinct sections as if you were styling for pigtails.

Pull each section tightly toward the back of your neck until they cross over to opposite sides.

Pin the ends of each at the side hairline.

Place the wig cap over your head and adjust as needed.

Put on the wig and adjust to the proper position and adjust the size as needed

If you have short hair:

Brush your hair back and smooth it down under the wig cap. It's also ok if you don't use a wig cap as it has a inner cap net inside the wig itself.

Put on the wig and adjust to the proper position and adjust the size as needed

How to wash a wig:

Brush your wig with wig comb or your finger.

Immerse your cap in cool water to drench it.

Gently massage the wig shampoo onto the inside if the cap. Be sure to get the hairline to remove any residue.

Dip the wig in the water to make it sudsy.

Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Lie out a towel and roll the wig in the towel gently. Lightly blot the water from the wig with a towel and hang it to dry. Please don't scrub the wig with the towel.

Brush the wig from tips to roots after it dry completely. Not comb it when wet

How to store the wig

Put it on a wig stand or mannequin

Put it back in the wig box


Can I dye the wig?


Can I cut the bangs or wig?


Can I use the heat on this wig?

Synthetic wig may be damaged if you use the heat on it, so had better not use the heat.

Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 6.2 x 2.3 inches

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Heat Resistant Synthetic White Wig (Silver White) is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024