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A mother,  daughter,  business woman,  writer, an advocate and soon to be Doctor of Epidemiology & Public Health. I have a passion for women's  health, wellness and empowerment. I want to see women thrive and manifest themselves into whatever their hearts desire.

  My brand can be considered beautiful chaos... but there is a method to my madness. You can consider my brand to be a virtual beauty boutique. Neshai is a wholesale/ resell store. I hate being bound by limitations and labels... So my brand is *Unique* A bit of this a touch of that. I am alicensed retail re-seller. If I like it and the manufacturer agrees to our selling terms we place it into our inventory. Please be aware your items and purchases are shipped directly from the private vendors, department store suppliers, manufacturers and overstock warehouses.Furniture & Equipment is shipped directly from our partner vendors- Way Professional - Salon Warehousing  and Ashley Furniture 

    As I journey through the world of entrepreneurship, I ask for your patience, mentorship and guidance 🖤 

Neshaí meaning -:Energy, Helper, Stimulator . . . . . .

 Fyi- **We ship directly from the manufacturer ** meaning your lashes and products are handmade or come directly from the workshop and product floor straight to you!!  We pride ourselves on getting the lowest selling point to ensure our customers *Save* and aren't cheated. Our lashes are Cruelty Free primarily faux mink , silk fiber, cotton fiber, human hair, and synthetic. the mink eyelashes that do come from minks are only gathered during the natural shedding process. if we find that any manufacturer is not using humane practices or harming animals we pull their products and merchandise immediately

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Email: neshailashes@gmail.com 

Phone: +17083659686

IG: @neshailashes