How Shipping Works

Taneisha McGee

Posted on September 02 2020

How Shipping Works

How does shipping work?

if you weren't aware we ship worldwide (some regions unavailable ). We also work with manufacturers , crafters and warehouses all over the globe. Helping you to expand your vendor selection. This is why our shipping methods vary. Please understand not all vendors have the capability to ship to certain regions. So you may see the same products but from different vendors. One Vendor may be stationed in the USA another in Japan. If the vendor you selected is unable to ship to your designated location our team will search high and low to find the nearest vendor that does.


*** Our shipping window for economy international shipping is 7-45 days *** economy means inexpensive and sometimes slow!! Especially during the pandemic and USPS has been a nightmare so FYI***

Usa Buyers

**For USA based buyers we recommend shopping in our USA based collection this shortens your wait time and delivery window. We recommend buying in Bulk this helps shipping speed. Single orders are welcomed but please understand small items are not given priority of mail carrier flights. 

Due to the nature and chemical make up of our vendors products, special shipping rules and policies must be met. Various customs and imports regulations are implemented for the safety of the mail carriers . This causes the international shipping speed to be delayed. The pandemic has caused even more of a delay so please be aware.


please be aware we are affiliates of several major brands some items with ship under their perspective vendor 

**Shipping Urgency** -Please Pay for expedited shipping if you need your products within a certain time frame. The products ship at the speed you paid for -Please do not expect express shipping speed when you did  not pay for expedited service - That is not fair to the vendor or yourself

 International countries tends to hold packages in customs for 5-18 days before releasing please be aware- this may delay your arrival time. This does not constitute a delay on our end and will not fall under a reason for refund. The delay was not on our behalf but your countries. Please be aware before ordering.

If customs confiscates the package you will be granted a full refund.


Please use ;

To track your international packages 

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